Love Your Body for Life, Not Only In Summer
Love Your Body for Life, Not Only In Summer
Love Your Body for Life, Not Only In Summer
Love Your Body for Life, Not Only In Summer

Love Your Body for Life, Not Only In Summer

With the summer holidays and festive season fast approaching, the summer body brigade is in full swing preparing to flaunt and flourish in their lean trimmed bodies. The obsession with the “the perfect body” is a real thing and has many resorting to (10 steps away from achieving the sexiest body this summer in only 6 weeks) extremes, be it for vacation or just control. But what happens after summer though, does one pack that attitude away until the next summer knocks?

Or even better how about having a body that is healthy and fit not just summer but for life. As common as it may sound, it’s important to change our outlook towards fitness and adopt a healthy lifestyle approach to getting fit.

The most effective way is to do it full circle not just in summer. There is no magic programme, no best diet that can guarantee results in six weeks. This only forces the body into extreme patterns that are unsustainable and gravitate it back to where it was. Health and wellness does not have a particular look, it’s not about physical appearance but combination of different aspects of lifestyle that affect the well being of one’s mind, body and spirit. It’s a feeling that we should focus on in caring for ourselves and we will become healthier. The journey to attaining a healthy and fit body starts with small strides that gradually built more strength and confidence. What’s even better is that it’s totally self-regulatory easing any external pressure.

Being fit for life requires a manageable and sustainable way of doing things in your everyday life, not just a few weeks or months. To get into a healthy and fit lifestyle attitude try staying active by:

1. Set qualitative goals 

Working out can have positive effects far beyond the gym (and beach season). So instead of focusing on vanity fueled pursuits prioritize goals like “I want to maintain a healthy lifestyle”  “I want to be fit”, “I want to feel better and have more energy”. These are crucial motivators to keep one pushing forward to become better.


2. Start Small

It’s easy to get carried away with chasing instant results. However in all honesty, working out is a process and journey that needs patience, dedication and commitment. Ease your body into a routine with 30-60 minutes of exercise 3-5 times per week on a regular basis and consuming the right food, vitamins, minerals and plenty water.    


3. Be Consistent 

It’s impossible to have a fit body without performing regular physical exercise. You also cannot abuse a body for years and then hope that a last-minute effort toward bodily health will correct everything that may be wrong with it. Fitness doesn’t occur overnight. The secret is to be active all the time and be consistent about it. Personally I’ve realized once my body gets used to doing the same exercise it becomes slower and generally lazy. Best way is to vary routines (challenge yourself from time to time) and switch up.


4.  Tech-Up

Track your health progress and fitness goals with wearable tech and mobile health applications. Some fitness apps provide an amazing variety of workouts for all levels of fitness. This helps a great deal in viewing changes overtime, hold yourself accountable and motivate you in case you’re falling back on your goal. More like having a personal trainer.



And remember women in dry t-shirts seldom reach their fitness goals, so let it drip!

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