Read this if you are planning your next overseas travel
Read this if you are planning your next overseas travel
Read this if you are planning your next overseas travel
Read this if you are planning your next overseas travel

Read this if you are planning your next overseas travel

Last year when I attended the relaunch of the Standard Bank Titanium account they introduced  great lifestyle benefits that come with having a Titanium account, amazing discounts varying from wine clubs, spa treatments, travel discount and many more. The travel discounts is what had me intrigued the most. I managed to pull Ethel Nyembe, Head of Card Issuing at Standard Bank to find ask further questions about this awesome deal, she was happy elaborate saying: “We’ve done research into the 25 to 35-year-old market and found that not only do they expect to be rewarded as customers but that they expect to be rewarded in a manner which is congruent with their lifestyle objectives and spend patterns,” and as it turns out the bank listened.

The refreshed Prestige banking offering also offers a host of travel benefits including up to 35% discounts on Emirates flights, vehicle hire through Avis can earn you 15% discount.

My New Years trip to Singapore came with a great discount on Emirates flights and I am happy to report the booking process was seamless.



I already had a Titanium Credit card account with Standard Bank but let me state that considering how much I saved from booking with my card I would have opened an account with them if I wasn’t already signed up.

How it works is pretty simple, you contact Leisure Desk at and tell them you are a  Titanium account card holder and you would like to book a flight. They will send you the list of destinations this offer applies to and from there you send dates and details they they let you know how much you will pay with the discount, you don’t give anyone your banking details they send you a link when its time for you to make a payment.


Being able to travel the world is one privilege I am grateful for, it is also something that I will do for as long as I am able to. Travel has done so much for me mentally, spiritually and socially. I have been challenged in thinking, opened up in spirit and made a few unlikely  acquaintances along the way because I have learned to embrace people that do life differently from me. And I wish this on everyone.

Standard Bank has also partnered with Celestial Gift Experiences to offer up to 15% off on
an array of lifestyle experiences ranging from hot air ballooning to private outdoor cinema
experiences or Segway safaris and game drives for two. Celestial Gifts also offers a variety of
other gifting solutions ranging from adventure activities, weekend city breaks, luxury day
trips and signature experiences. Pretty useful if you are planning on celebrating Valentines day in style.

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